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Joy in every sip. Energy in every detail – that’s Lango – My Way. With us, you’ll discover that your taste, your energy is the key to limitless possibilities. Follow your path, be unique, because with Lango – every way is unique!

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Welcome to the world of innovative solutions in the bottle filling industry!
We are proud to introduce our new collaborative system that revolutionizes the way we think about beverage production and distribution. With our advanced franchising model, we can provide comprehensive support, from the technological line, through specially crafted blends, to the final product in the form of a bottle and a foil bag. All of this, including marketing support!


We make a bottle

Our technological lines ensure comprehensive beverage production in bottles and sleeve labeling


We make a bottle

Our technological lines ensure comprehensive beverage production in bottles and sleeve labeling


Modern bag

The modern proprietary method enables the production of bags as well as a comprehensive system from blending to packaging the product.


How it works

Top-quality technological lines: our technological lines are designed for efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. With them, we can ensure fast and smooth production, without compromising on quality.

crafted blends:

Our team of blend experts meticulously develops recipes that are not only delicious but also meet the highest quality standards. Whether it’s an energy drink, fruit juice, or mineral water, our blends are an excellent choice.

Ready-to-sell products in bottle and foil bag form:

With comprehensive service, we can deliver ready-made products in convenient packaging that are ready for sale on store shelves. We offer various bottle and foil bag sizes to adapt to the needs of our business partners.

Marketing support:

Our marketing team is ready to collaborate with franchising partners to jointly develop the brand and promote products in the market. We offer comprehensive support in marketing strategy, promotional materials, and advertising activities.

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